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13 Best Chat Gpt Plugins You Should Use

Open Ai started a big storm on March this year. They introduced new version of ChatGPT! Now it can access the world of internet. In order to use this ability , ChatGPT plugins were released earlier this year. This is for users with as ChatGPT Plus subscription. This subscription cost 20 dollars per month. It offers fast response time and access during peak times. ChatGPTplugins provide wide range of data from its third-party partners and the web.

I picked some best Chat GPT plugins for you. You will find some of them very useful and helpful.

Let s start!

Image by Franz Bachinger from Pixabay

 Prompt Perfect

In this article, we will discuss Prompt Perfect, a powerful ChatGPT plugin that enables users to create perfect prompts for AI chatbots. If you are unable to create prompts of your own, Prompt Perfect will be of great assistance. To begin, you must enter the question you would like to ask Perfect the AI bot. In this example, I asked ChatGPT to generate a 300-word story about watches.

Ensure that you include the word “Perfect” before the prompt. After this, the plugin will modify the entire prompt to provide a highly accurate prompt to ChatGPT. This will enable the AI chatbot to provide precise and pertinent answers to your question. Furthermore, the program is plug-and-play and does not require any additional input.

Open Table

OpenTable is one of the best ChatGPT plugins we’ve tested, making it easy to book restaurants while you’re away. It’s designed to make sure customers make reservations quickly and easily, so all you have to do is give it the info you need, like your date and time, and the number of people you’re expecting. It’ll then take all that info and search for the restaurant you’re looking for. The links it gives you will give you the reservation info you already have, so it’s a really effective plugin for booking restaurants.


Although it may be quite technical for a few users but the Wolfram ChatGPT software is on top because of its capabilities. Based on advanced information, Wolfram allows ChatGPT users to use advanced calculations, math as well as real data to resolve all kinds of questions.

Instead of having to deal with only simple math issues, you could ask Wolfram for help with more complex issues including creating a family  tree and so much more. It even can show when it is date time live, something that only ChatGPT is able to do. So, take a chance to test Wolfram to find out which function is most effective for you.


Created specifically to remove and simplify workflows that aren’t needed Zapier is among the best ChatGPT plugins for professionals at work and marketers. In simple terms, Zapier enable users communicate with more than five thousand different applications for work without having to do additional steps. Here are incorporated  all popular applications like Gmail, MS Outlook, Slack and many others. All users have to do is make an initial connection and then approve certain actions.

After that you are able to write complete emails or send detailed Slack messages from ChatGPT. Zapier will then work together with ChatGPT.When I asked it to write an email draft  Zapier created the action in a matter of minutes and then let me send it. Try it if you’re too inert to launch the mail program.

 Argil AI

ChatGPT , for a long time, was primarily an automated chatbot that has only dabbled in AI. But, with the help of many of these excellent ChatGPT plugins, it’s able to perform a number of things now. One of these plugins is Argil AI which is a great option to add to chatbot. Utilizing Argil AI, users can create images directly within ChatGPT.

All one has to do is choose the plugin, and then give details of the image they would like it to create. The description could be extremely vibrant to allow for a wide various reasons. After you’ve completed the prompts, just hit return and sit back while the image is created. In a matter of minutes, Argil AI will make stunning images that the customer can download. Users  can also build an entire collection and earn money by using this method.


If you want to plan your trip by using ChatGPT ,Kayak is on the top.

Kayak enables  users effortlessly book hotels and flights and also get recommendations on travel for their travel planning needs. Previously, you need to put information about your tripe. You have to provide destination, arrival, time of depart… Once you have completed this, Kayak will show you the way where are flights available at your current location.

The output gives the total cost, anticipated delays and layovers, most-used airlines, and much more. After you’re satisfied with your choice, you can ask ChatGPT to create links, and Kayak will also do it.


Maybe you love to read  other people’s work . It is great! However, sometimes, you’ll need to make the stories of your own. Stories is among the most effective ChatGPT plugins that allows you to create stories in the literal sense. The plugin is inventive  and demand a prompt. After that prompt is provided, Stories begins to produce an amazing story.

But the most appealing feature is the fact that this plugin summarizes its text and images inside an old-fashioned book. The images too are generated by AI and nicely placed next to the text. You can flip through the pages by clicking .

 You can also purchase an original hardcover edition of your story if you want. Be aware the fact that they are mostly artistic in nature, and therefore they may not be the perfect  cup of tea for everyone. However, you should take a look at this  ChatGPT plugin.

Image Editor

You use image editing a lot? You need help on this matter?  If you’re looking for a simple editing tool to meet your requirements The Image Editor plugin deserve to be among the most effective  in ChatGPT. The Image Editor is able to provide a variety of functions that include cropping, resizing blurring or turning the image.

 You have to supply the URL for your image to the software in order to upload it. Once you have done that, just make request to Image Editor. Although its functions aren’t  immense you can easily perform basic editing with one of the most effective ChatGPT plugins.


Do you love podcasts? Maybe you have one? Well, this plugin is something like podcast searcher. Like any other plugin, LikeWise makes use of the database of its own to look up podcasts. You can find all sort of different styles and moods. Just make a highlight depending on your desire and very quickly the result will come.

Within a few moments, LikeWise list up  podcasts you may be attracted, and also provides hyperlinks to the same. Be aware that some of them could be paid. However, anyone who are looking for recommendations for podcasts ought to take a look at this ChatGPT plugin.

There s An AI For That

This ChatGPT tool is my top pick because it’s basically a complete suite of tools. It’s like an AI with a huge database that has all the tools you need in your life, from basic Image editors to PDF convertors and more. All you have to do is ask the AI what you need and it’ll give you a list of options – I tried this with Image generation and the plugin gave me a great result. Check this plugin, it is breathtaking!

There ‘s an AI for that

Show Me

ChatGPT can help its users out with more than just recreation – it can also help them out with productivity tools. One of the best of these is Show Me, a plugin that lets ChatGPT create real-time graphs of all kinds. Show Me needs to show a basic concept for users to see.

Based on my own experience, I asked the program to show the concept of Wabi-sabi using a Mindmap. Both ChatGPT and Show Me work together to make it easy to draw a visual and text diagram of the concept. So next time you’re looking for a quick way to draw a diagram, use Show Me!

Questmate Forms

If you are looking to create forms and infographics for more than just educational purposes, Questmate is likely to be one of the most advantageous ChatGPT plugins for you. The AI-powered program is capable of quickly and efficiently creating a variety of forms for you. While this can be done with Google Forms, it can be a time-consuming process.

With Questmate, you can fill out your specific requirements as small or as detailed as desired. ChatGPT will connect to the plugin and create a comprehensive form that can be opened in a separate window. For the first time, Questmate Forms has responded to our request quickly by creating a simple form. Submitting your form to one of their most efficient ChatGPT plugins is now possible.

World News

ChatGPT’s database is limited to 2021, even though it is based on the latest GPT-4 Large Language Model. This limitation is outdated, and while we have always advised users to not rely on the bot for information delivery, it appears that this is no longer the case. As a result, the new World News plugin has become one of our most popular plugins, as it is able to deliver news in a timely manner.

It is easy to use ChatGPT to access the latest news from around the world, providing users with a pleasant overview. This plugin is based on the world, and is capable of displaying news in multiple languages and source links. While it is not useful in the traditional sense of the word, World News is an essential tool for those who wish to stay informed.

Conclusion-Best Chat GPT Plugins

It is all for now. I hope you liked this article. For sure, Ai will grow and expand further…Sky is the limit!

Certainly, we can expect new and innovative plugins in the future. Choose from the list, there is something for everyone!

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